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30ML Multiloop Controllers


When it comes reliable real-time control, supervision, and management of process variables, look to MOD 30ML. Much more than a single- loop controller, MOD 30ML offers the continuous control power of a Distributed Control System plus the discrete I/O handling and easy sequence configuration of a PLC—all in one compact package

The MOD 30ML controller is the basis for MicroMod’s SteamPAK series of pre-engineered boiler control packages, and the SLC RetroPAK for replacing aging Bailey SLC and CLC controllers.



MOD 30ML Multiloop Controllers offer:

  • Flexible I/O with multiple PID loops, math, logic and sequence control
  • A bright, easy-to-read display with six user-selectable fonts and remote faceplate option, allowing familiar, error-free operation of the most complex processes.
  • Two independent communication networks for fast and easy integration into virtually any plant monitoring system. Choose from RS-232, RS-485, ICN peer-to-peer or Ethernet.
  • Visual Application Designer (ViZapp) software to make configuration a quick and intuitive process with graphic-driven, function block configuration

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