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RetroPAK Control Migrations

If you’re using Taylor, Bailey Controls, or Fischer & Porter legacy products, we can help you protect your investment—while adopting the latest contemporary technology. Our RetroPAK solutions support migration in small, budget-friendly increments, and minimize issues like installation, startup, and re-training. As the owners of the legacy technology and the product expertise, we’re ready to support you with a logical, economical migration strategy.

The RetroPAK series includes:

  • SLC RetroPAK for Bailey SLC and CLC Loop Controllers
  • 353 RetroPAK for Moore 352 and Siemens 353 Controllers
  • MOD 30 RetroPAK for Taylor MOD 30 and ABB MOD 30
  • 53MC RetroPAK for Fischer & Porter Chameleon, 53MC1, 53MC2 and 53MC4
  • 7000 RetroPAK for Bailey Controls 7000 Series
  • Sup-PC RetroPAK for Fischer & Porter Supervisor-PC

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