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Flocculation is the step in waste-­water-­treatment where destabilised, colloidal particles are captured and form big agglomerates.

These agglomerates settle quickly and can be removed from the waste water easily. Our flocculants are polyacryamid-­based.

KCS can offer the whole range from non-­ionic over an-­ionic to cat-­ionic polymers as powder and liquid grade and as water-­free emulsions with many different molecular weights.

Especially for dewatering machines, such as Chamber-­filter-­presses or band-­filter presses, there are cross-­linked products available.

KCS range of flocculants can be divided into two categories Anionic and Cationic.  The Anionic range is suitable for inorganic flocculation, whilst the Cationic range is suitable for organic flocculation.

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