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MODCELL Multiloop Processor

£1,000.00 £800.00

I/O, terminations, signal conditioning, power supply and control
logic—all combined on a single platform. The MODCELL Multiloop Processor is a self-contained Intelligent Process Controller that can function as a multiloop PID controller, a sequence controller, and a high density, flexible I/O subsystem.



MODCELL Multiloop Processors offer:

  • Highly flexible, individually isolated I/O with multiple PID loops, math, logic and sequence control
  • Three independent communication networks for fast and easy integration into virtually any plant monitoring system or HMI panel
  • Per-point power fail and fail safe settings for complete process security
  • Visual Application Designer (ViZapp) software to make configuration a quick and intuitive process with graphic-driven, function block configuration

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