Laboratory Process Safety Case Study


SAFETY INTEGRATED: Using Siemens latest range of safety integrated F type CPUs, KCS integrated a safety monitoring system into a cutting-edge battery research laboratory.

In order to protect operators and product quality the safety requirements are extremely stringent in this volatile process. The process utilises saline gas which easily ignites in air, reacts with oxidising agents and is extremely toxic to humans when inhaled.

The field I/O of the safety system included a silane monitor as well as several pressure transmitters, type K thermocouples and emergency stop push buttons which through a safety matrix trip solenoid valves and activate purge cycles of the Silane pipework.
KCS utilised their Siemens Integrated Safety trained engineers to design a solution that would meet the SIL rating required as well as give the operators the level of visualisation and control required to operate the process. Through the design it was determined the Siemens S7-1200 F CPU with the fail safe remote I/O and a 2nd Generation HMI would be most suited to this application.

The operators are required to adjust set points and alarm limits during their research in order to determine the best set up to achieve the highest product quality. Because of this KCS needed to implement a handshake between the safety and standard software. KCS programmed the system to include “non-safe” alarm limits and set points within the standard software that tripped the safety software if required. The operators were able to adjust these parameters via the HMI. The safety software also contained the “safe” alarm limits and set points which can not be overwritten without a change to the software and a re-validation.

KCS continue to provide full after sales support for this project to ensure it continues to maintain its high safety integrity. This is achieved by providing support (remote and on site), updates, maintenance, and calibration services.

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