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Anionic AP Series


The Cleanfloc AP series contains powdered, anionic flocculants with an anion activity between 0 – 100%.

Due to the large number of molecular weight variants, the Cleanfloc AP series is very versatile for various applications and offers the finest combination of anionic activity and molecular weight, always the optimum combination for your application.

The Cleanfloc AP series is highly concentrated and promises 100% active substance, taking into account the specified maturation time. The Cleanfloc AP series is suitable by its anionic character for the flocculation of inorganic particles such as Metal hydroxides, sand, stone and various industrial sludges.


The dosage depends on many factors such as the concentration of particles to be flocculated and some interfering factors, e.g. Surfactants. In any case, it is advisable to carry out laboratory and operational tests and to determine the required dosing quantity. Usual dosage amounts are generally between 5 and 50 l/m3.

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Physical properties:

Bulk density: 0.75 ± 0.15 g/cm3
pH Value: 7.0 ± 1.0
Brookf. Viscosity: 500 cps @ 5g/l
Solubility in water: unlimited

At a glance:

pH application area: pH 2 – 11
Temperature Application area: 5 – 80°C
Maturation Time: 40 – 60 minutes
Reaction time: 5 – 25 minutes
High recommended for: Metal processing industry, stone industry, concrete factories, industrial purposes.
Storage conditions: 0 – 35°C

Application Guide:

Galvanizing plants: + + + + +
Biogas plants: + +
Electropolishing: + + + + +
Recycling companies: + +
Automotive industry: + + + + +
Tank cleaning facilities: + + + +
Incineration plants: + + + + +
Industrial purposes: + + + + +
Coal power plants: + + + + +
Leather industry: +
Soil remediation: + + +
Paper industry: +
Circuit board industry: + + + + +
Food industry: +
Municipal waste water:
Paint shops: + + + +
Stone factories: + + + + +
Oil processing:
Concrete factories: + + + + +
Textile industry: + + +

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