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CODRA Panorama H2

KC Service are proud to be a Systems Integrator for the CODRA Panorama H2 SCADA software. Panorama H2 is the historian solution of the Panorama Suite and offers the same principles as the other software in the platform: open design, versatility and performance.

Collect and archive your operational data, and “historize” and analyze data in its operational context for unlimited ways to leverage the information it contains.



Harness the power of your data and unleash the potential of your teams. Arm them with reliable data and a simple, reliable and secure analysis tool. Turn your data into your best friend that helps you achieve your goals and identify new opportunities. Connect to your dashboards. Focus solely on analysis. Discover the treasures contained in your data and share your discoveries.

Choosing Panorama H2 equates to choosing performance. Up to 50,000 record updates per second (and per server). The quality and validity of data is taken into account in statistical calculations. Simple and powerful analysis, complete with many dozen ready-to-use reports and dashboards.

  • Easy to use
    Organize your data sources, create analytical reports, go back in time (using the modification history) and customize them for improved control. The freedom to use your preferred interface – local computer, web browser or mobile phone.
  • Enhanced analysis capabilities
    Enhance your operational data by including alarm histories. Cross-reference them with your energy balance data and expand your analysis with statistical calculations via advanced analytical functions.
  • Open and secure solution
    Prepare and combine data from many different sources without having to write code. Aggregate your data with advanced statistical calculations or real-time information from your Panorama SCADA applications (or from elsewhere – we are open to other SCADA!)

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