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KC Service are proud to be a Systems Integrator for the CODRA Panorama E2 SCADA software. Whether your applications are simple or complex, or you have a hundred variables to manage or several million I/Os, Panorama E2 will adapt to each requirement. Because the software is designed to be fully configurable, you control the design of your applications from start to finish.

Addressing your needs from production control and monitoring to facilities or building management (FM/BMS), infrastructure management or installation security, whatever your sector of activity. Panorama E2 is the multidisciplinary solution designed to meet your SCADA requirements.



Enjoy the robustness of a proven solution and the freedom of a software platform with almost unlimited capabilities. With the Panorama Studio design workshop, discover a broad range of configurable functions as well as unique mechanisms for interfacing and exchanging data with other systems.

Panorama E2 has been designed to help you streamline the organization of your project:

  • Structure your applications in line with the real world of your installations
  • Easily design your own HMIs thanks to a powerful graphics engine
  • Build and grow your applications to ensure optimal maintainability
  • Secure and safeguard your installations through advanced cybersecurity measures, redundancy, and traceability of action.

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